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An overview of Bad credit mobile phones

When mobile phone contracts were availed for the first time in the UK, those with a poor credit rating found themselves in a precarious position. Just like loans, mobile phone providers were only keen on approving those individuals with a good credit rating. Those with a poor credit rating found themselves on unfamiliar grounds as their efforts to get approved for a phone contract came to naught. In fact, back then, providers would only approve a phone contract for a person with a poor credit rating only if they paid a hefty upfront deposit or if they had a guarantor with a good credit history.


The situation has however changed over the years if the mushrooming of providers offering bad credit mobile phones contracts is anything to go by. In fact, nowadays getting approved for a phone contract with bad credit is as simple as taking a walk in the park. Days when a person had to contend with credit checks and one rejection after the other are long gone. You simply need to choose the right contract, meet the requirements, apply, get approved and enjoy the perks that come with it.

Simply put, bad credit mobile phones were initially designed for people with a poor credit rating. However, this does not mean that these contracts are entirely for those with a poor credit rating as you will learn when you click here. Anybody can apply for these types of contracts although it would be foolhardy for a person with a good credit history to apply for them owing to the perks that they offer. Essentially, bad credit mobile phones have fewer benefits as compared to ordinary mobile phone contracts.

However, those without a prior credit history have found bad credit mobile phones instrumental especially as relates to building up a credit history. Mobile phone contracts are wary of individuals with no credit history as they are unable to tell whether they are financially responsible or not. Bad credit phones therefore are perfect to UK individuals with no credit history as well as those with a poor credit history. With that said, what are some of the outstanding features of bad credit mobile phones? Well for one, bad credit mobile phones tend to have fewer perks as compared to standard mobile phone contracts.


What this essentially means is that those individuals who are under this type of contract will enjoy fewer data bundles, fewer text messages as well as fewer minutes in any given month. Another important aspect about bad credit mobile phones has to do with the fact that you will be locked into the contract for a prolonged period of time as compared to standard ordinary contracts. Generally, most providers tend to set the minimum contract length at 18 months. The interest rates for bad credit mobile phones are also steep and as such individuals are forced to part with more monthly than they would on ordinary mobile phone contracts. There is also the requirement to pay a deposit upfront before approval. This is simply to mitigate the risks on the part of the provider should a person default on payment. With that said, there is no doubt that bad credit mobile phones have been a blessing to all those with a poor credit rating.


Which mobile phone should you choose?

Given the sheer number of mobile phone tariffs, handsets and networks in the market, choosing the right one for you can be a bit daunting. In any case, the selection of the mobile phone contract should be informed by your phone usage. The truth of the matter is that if you don’t know your actual phone usage, chances are that you will end up signing for the wrong mobile phone deal. Of course this is something you do not wish for and which should be avoided if you know the different kinds of mobile phone handsets available.

Basic mobile handsets

If you are the kind of person who is not concerned with using your phone for internet purposes, as a digital camera or for navigation purposes, going for basic mobile phones should be your best bet. Basic handsets are used for calls and text messages only and do not have internet connection. There are many mobile phone contract providers that offer amazing deals on basic handsets. What’s more? Mobile phone deals on basic handsets are great and affordable. You enjoy great number of texts as well as minutes per month.



Smartphones are more or less like a computer. You can use your smartphone as a digital camera, as a navigator for directions, as an alarm clock, video recorder, as a personal organizer, to shop and pay online just to mention but a few. Smartphones tend to have a slightly expensive monthly phone contract as compared to basic mobile phones. You will therefore have to go for a mobile phone contract package that is in tandem with your data bundle usage as well as the average number of minutes you use in a given month. Ensure you know your mobile usage lest you end up paying more when your allocated minutes and data bundles are exhausted.


Business mobile handsets

If you are a business person, you are looking for something more than the run off the mill kind of smartphone. You are looking for a phone that will help you with work and ensure the seamless operation of your business. Chances are that you are looking for a mobile phone with QWERTY key pads. Enterprise security, advanced messaging options, onboard office applications just to mention but a few. You also use your phone to make numerous phone calls in a day as well as data bundles to check mails, reply to business proposals and so on and so forth. Chances are that you travel abroad for business on a regular basis and therefore you want a phone contract package that takes care of international calls. Well, if you are in this category you are definitely looking for a phone contract that offers a mobile handset that will help you with your work. Luckily, numerous providers offer mobile phone deals with business phones to ensure that you go about your business seamlessly.

Mobile phone providers are cognizant of the fact that not all their customers fall in the same category and therefore have different packages to suit specific needs. The onus should be on you to decide which deal you want for your business. You may go for a SIM only contract deal, a monthly phone contract or a Pay As You Go mobile phone deal!



Tips to getting the best phone contract

Whether we like it or not, mobile phone contracts are here to stay if the popularity of the same is anything to go by. Mobile phones are no longer a preserve of the rich as they were in the years gone by but have morphed to become essential items. In fact, it is very difficult to find a UK adult without a mobile phone. People use mobile phones for more than just texts and phone calls. In the contemporary society, mobile phones act as a clock, for reading information online, for navigation purposes, as an alarm, as a map, for connecting and socializing online among other factors. In light of this, how do you ensure that you get the best mobile phone contract? What are some of the tips you should use when applying for a phone contract?

Don’t just settle for the cheapest mobile phone deal/package

While it might be difficult to resist the temptation of a cheap mobile phone contract, the truth of the matter is that sometimes the cheapest contract doesn’t offer the best benefits. You might find that you are short changed in terms of the number of minutes, text messages and data bundles given in a month. Take your time to scrutinize your phone contract before appending your signature. The price might be cheaper on paper but then you might end up paying for hidden charges.

Ensure you check the data allowances provided

The reality of things is that we cannot resist the thrills of the internet. Unless you will be using your phone for emergency purposes only, data allowances are of essence. Any application on your phone that connects to the internet means that the phone contract you settle for should have sufficient data allowance. Do you connect on Facebook, Twitter, and WhatsApp on a daily basis? Do you check for hot deals online via your phone? If yes, then it’s essential that you choose a phone contract that offers sufficient data bundles monthly.

Be careful with phone contracts that offer cashback

While these kind of contracts are not entirely a scam, trying to get your cash back can prove a long and strenuous exercise. In most instances, you will be required to send all your monthly statements for the duration of the contract and this can prove tricky especially if you don’t have the statement for a given month hence prolonging the process. Also be wary of scam phone contract providers who are simply out to romp in as many customers as possible by dangling the cash back carrot.

Check the contract length

Most phone contract providers will tie you to the contract for a prolonged period of time making it impossible for you to switch months down the line. When applying for a contract, check the minimum number of months you can be tied to it. You don’t want to be tied to a contract for say 18 months or 24 months. This can be a problem especially if you find a better deal elsewhere and simply can’t switch. Most contracts have the option of 12,18,24,36 months. The trick is that the longer you are tied to a contract, the less amount of money you pay monthly and vice versa. It is therefore essential that you take this into consideration prior to applying for a phone contract.


Read the fine print

Do not be in a rush to append your signature before you read the fine print. It is important to understand the terms of your contract before you commit yourself to it. Reading the fine print is also instrumental in helping you find out whether there are hidden charges or not. By so doing, you won’t end spending more than what you had budgeted for.


Is it possible to get a mobile phone deal on budget?

The reality of things is that mobile phones are a necessity and no longer items of luxury as they were years back. Most UK households spend a considerable amount of money on mobiles annually and this in itself is an indication that mobile phones are now a basic need in the contemporary society. Add to this the fact that 9 out of 10 UK citizens own a mobile phone and you will understand why getting a mobile phone contract is now the norm rather than the exception. With so many mobile phone contract providers in the UK, the question on the lips of many people is whether it’s possible to get a mobile phone deal on budget.


Well, the answer to this is a resounding yes. However, getting a cheaper mobile phone deal on budget is not about hoping for the best. It’s a total summation of your efforts. For one, you need to understand your phone usage prior to applying for a phone contract. Most people make the mistake of estimating their phone usage and this is a mistake as chances are that they would end up with a phone contract that does not sufficiently meet their needs.

If you are on a budget and seeking for a cheap mobile phone contract, it’s essential that you take into consideration different factors. For one, go for mobile phone deals in tandem with your mobile phone usage. Set the minimum budget you have and search for mobile phones deals within the given range. At the end of the day, you can’t bite more than you can chew. A mobile phone contract is a long term investment and therefore it’s essential that you be able to afford the monthly installments.

Part of the plan is to set out and do proper research before making any decisions. With millions of mobile phone contract providers, it might prove difficult discerning the ones offering the cheapest mobile phone deals. Of course, one way of going about it is comparing a number of providers. It is important to look at the deals on the table, the pricings and settle for one that best meets your budgets. Are there any rewards for timely payments over a period of time such as an upgrade to a better package with sufficient minutes, texts and data bundles?

Does the provider in question offer loyalty rewards point that can be redeemed over a period of time? A person should take all these factors into consideration when seeking to apply for a cheap phone contract. However, emphasis should be placed on doing business with legitimate providers. With so many providers, you might be at a loss on who is genuine and who is not. As such, making use of review and comparison sites is of essence. Read as much as you can about a given provider before you do business with them. Take your time to weigh certain factors such as contract length, repayments per month, perks being offered as well as professional customer service.

To sum it up, it is very possible to get a mobile phone deal on budget provided that you do due diligence and go the extra mile. After all, it’s only by negotiating and being smart while looking for a better phone contract that you will be able to enjoy competitive prices in the market.